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Miss PNG 2012

Posted by Dorish on January 23, 2013

Miss Lorayne Roxanna Maxine Oeaudi- Rifu. Miss PNG2012

Miss Lorayne Roxanna Maxine Oeaudi- Rifu. Miss PNG 2012

Miss Lorayne Roxanna Maxine Oeaudi- Rifu

Miss Lorayne Roxanna Maxine Oeaudi- Rifu. Miss PNG 2012

One of our mutual friends described her as very strong and independent, humble, principally grounded, and has a kind big caring heart.

I had had a cybernetic-conversation with her a month ago and she electronically told me that it was her greatest dare of the year. Her three friends (one guy and two ladies) secretly nominated her for the Miss Papua New Guinea Red Cross quest. Three weeks later,she received a surprised phone call from the Miss PNG Quest committee informing her that she was participating. She graciously accepted the nominee. For Miss Rifu, she saw this as an opportunity to network with like-minded people who are passionate about creating a positive change.

Miss Lorayne Roxanna Maxine Oeaudi- Rifu surprised herself, made every one proud and proved her critics wrong when she grabbed the title of Miss PNG Red Cross 2012 and was also crowned Miss Humanitarian.She hopes to work closely with the PNG Red Cross Society in promoting its humanitarian activities and at least make a positive difference in the next 12 months as Miss PNG Red Cross.

The current crowned Miss PNG Red Cross is from Oro and Gulf province. She is in her 20s.Her hobbies; she loves nature walks, art, sports, reading, singing, drawing and writing poetry. She also collects stamps, Looney Toons Character collectables (Bugs bunny, Winnie the Pooh) and of course,shoes. In her spare time, Lorraine enjoys hanging out with her friends and helping where she may be needed.

Before the quest, Miss Rifu used to be a counsellor under her church’s Pathfinder program. She was actively involved in mentoring young people from all ages of nine (9) to sixteen (16) years in their physical, spiritual and mental developments. She also provided support network for kids who come from broken homes. At times she was involved heavily with her local church to donate things like, clothes, bedding, and cooking utensils to the unfortunate or arrange hospital visitation. These are just some of the things she did and she will continue do to do so.

When asked what she was passionate about her reply was “I am passionate about my work, my family, my values, my friends, my causes and the things I like. Funny, strong, independent and adventurous young woman I am. I know my mind and what I want in life. I am always willing to listen to others and their opinions and form my own judgment. I love a dare and am a major risk taker. I am patient and enduring. I love a good balance of work and play. I care about others and can be fiercely protective of those I love and the causes I support. I am open-minded, creative and willing to learn new ideas. I work hard and do not like taking short cuts. I am simply me. ’’, she humbly replied.

Her parents,Esther, Joseph and David from the Bible, are her inspiration. “Never give up, always hold your family and friends dear, Set you goals and work towards them. Even when you fall, get up, dust off, and move on.Always talk to God about it. He alone can make sense out of everything for you.

“Remember, it will be very hard on your way to the top. Endure, and persevere. You will have times when you just want to give up, and when the pressure is hard, you just want to die, when the hatred of those who spite you builds its momentum, you will feel like lashing out and really making someone pay for it. Remember too, that there will be those whose smiles will push you on, whose words of encouragement will build you up , whose arms comfort your aching soul. Remember that there is a God who will see you through those struggles. And never lose each lesson of every moment. Have faith. The outcome does not matter. At the end of the day, it is YOU that matters and what the experience of being there will make you become. “
Miss Rifu, was sponsored by her employer, Pagini Group of Companies.

She would like to extend her thank you and appreciation to the following;

Heidi M, Kumo S and Miranda  K for your dare

My Company and superiors at work

Colleagues, elders, juniors

Organizing Committee- Jeanette Salum, Stephanie Warren, Zelda Uberawa, Patricia Uberawa, Netty Wanma, Stephanie Taruori, Lynette Lucas

Family and Friends

Church family of Two Mile and Taraka Church

My mom, dad and my siblings

ALL THOSE who smiled, hugged, encouraged me, cried with me, gave me a plate of food, water drink, and for the little things that cannot be counted, I thank you. I thanks all those who thought of me, and prayed for me, for those who corrected me when I was wrong. Because of you, I am where I am.

My haters for their hateful and hurtful words which created a strong sense of determination to succeed. Their words gave me the courage to press on to reach my goal


For my actual preparation:

→ Kawaiwan Yai Pupu for designing my dress and sarong and for the make-up and all the things she did, for being such a good moral support and for helping me see things through another perspective.
→Greg Rifu running around for his baby sister and Uncle Jasper for providing Tapa for my evening wear
 →Salum, Leanne Osembo for research and mentoring me as well.
Varage from ADRA PNG, Morobe Red Cross Volunteers, Morobe Provincial Disaster Office for info for my seminar presentation

Plis take note, Photos provided by Miss Kawaiwan Yai Pupu.


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